Thursday, December 6, 2007

Winter and Music

What is it about winter and music that they go so well together? I love this time of year for the fresh new snow falls (of which we're gettin a plenty!) and the resurrection of that wonderful genre of music - holiday music!

This year we aren't putting up any decorations, because we'll be in Maui for the week of Christmas to celebrate my parent's 50th wedding anniversary (on Dec 23) Who the heck gets married two days before Christmas???!!! College kids on break I guess! But I digress. With the lack of decorations at my house I was worried I'd have a hard time getting into the holiday spirit, but thanks to Mother Nature and her wonderful timing (yes - there is some sarcasm in that statement), and the multitude of holiday concerts abounding - I am none-the-less getting into the holiday spirit.

On Friday, November 30th, my husband and I took my parents to the St. Olaf Christmas Festival. I have never been, nor have my parents, but we've all seen it on PBS many years now. So, what a treat that I was able to get tickets. My mom was as giddy as a child looking under her pillow to see what the toothfairy left her. I think Dad was equally happy to be there, though he would never show it in that way! The music was outstanding, of course, and our seats were fantabulous (is that a word? well if not, it should be!)

About that time - I came down with a terrible cold, but it hasn't stopped me from enjoying this time of year. On Tuesday, December 4th, the concert I went to was one in which I was playing. I play in the Mayo Chamber Orchestra and it's got to be my favorite thing to do, orchestra-wise. We play in the beautiful St. Mary's Chapel on the Mayo Clinic Campus. It's a beautiful chapel full of Italian Marble.

This is my standpartner, Katy. She is decidedly a better viola player than I and obviously much prettier. In fact, if I'd seen this picture in her camera after her husband snapped it, I would have demanded a DO-OVER! It's a terrible picture of me - but, hey, I was home sick in bed from 10am to 5pm that night - so I do have a terrible case of bed head! But, Katy and I had fun and I even taught her a new musical term called Fake-issimo! It's best accomplished when the trumpets are blaring so loud that no one can hear all the wrong notes you are playing, but I am a master at it even when the trumpets are silent.

So - that's it from snowy southeastern Minnesota for today. We're due for another 4 inches of snow today - what fun. Give me about a month, and I'll be cursing about it all!

Hugs and love to you all this holiday season.

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