Sunday, December 23, 2007

Day Three-Rainbows and Hula Girls

Day three in paradise brought more interesting adventures. First thing when we awoke was this beautiful rainbow right off our lanai. Although this picture doesn't show it, you could see both ends of the rainbow from our lanai.

We went to Gigi and Papa's condo in the morning to swim in their gargantuan heated swimming pool. We have a pool here at our condo, but it's not heated and we have found its just too cold unless it's in the middle of the afternoon heat. Grandpa Chris taught Kaden how to hold his breath and go under water. Mama freaked out. But she eventually thought it was a pretty cool thing!

We spent most of the day after that shopping in Lahaina. The girls got henna tatoo's:

and I purchased my parent's anniversary gift in a gallery in Lahaina. It's a glass sculpture made by an up and coming artist from the Big Island. I thought it would be a nice remembrabce of their month here in Maui.

Finally, we went to a real Lu'au in celebration of their anniversary.

First, we walked around the Lu'au grounds, but if you're a teenager of course you go nowhere without your cell phones! God forbid you should miss a text message or something!!!

Then, while it was still light, we had mom and dad open their anniversary gift. I think they liked it....

And then it happened! I caught one of those rare moments on film! Yes, that's right girls, the fire can still burn at 70+! Both of my girls shrieked in horror saying they had never seen grandma and grandpa kiss before. Well, maybe it happens once every 50 years!

And then - they pulled the pig out of the ground where it had been cooking all day. The girls went to snap this picture, and they all came back nauseated!

I was a little nervous about Kaden

but he proved to be just like all the rest of the male population when skinny, barely clad women come out and start shaking their hips - mesmerized.

Ok, well, maybe it was the loud music with all the cool drums! Here's some pictures and a movie of that adventure:

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iguana banana said...

Glorious! I think that this is maybe the most wonderful anniversary ever. How lucky your family is to have everyone together to share this adventure! Could your girls look any more grown up! YIkes. You are not letting them out of your sight at any time, are you?