Saturday, March 7, 2009

And they call him Sparky

So, I'm at lunch a week ago with some friends. One is telling us of the new puppy she just adopted, it's half shitzu and half Bischon. My other friend starts telling the table about my Bischon, Rocco, and what a crazy dog he is. While we were on the subject of Bischon's, one of the other friends said a gal she buses with in the morning said they have an old blind Bischon at the humane society, and they were desperately looking for a rescue for him. I mentioned the dog to Chris and we decided to go have a look at him.

Turns out, not only is he old and blind, he's also got cushings disease. He has a tumor on his pituitary. Symptoms: excessive drinking, excessive peeing, excessive eating, thinned out hair, blindness. So, the dog's a real mess. But, I was with him no more than 1 minute and I knew he was coming home with us anyway! He is the sweetest thing, and has the most wonderful could I leave him there to be euthanized?

We took him on a foster arrangement so that we could have him checked by a vet and make sure that the disease wasn't too far gone for him. The good news is that the disease is treatable with some fairly expensive medicine. But, it's treatable, and he's ours now. We've had to special order the we haven't been able to start him on it. We hope to get it on Monday. Once he's on that, the symptoms should go away, except of course for the blindness. He pees a lot, so at night we have to get up a few times and take him out, and when we're gone during the day we have to kennel him. I can't wait to get him on his medicine so we can stop worrying about the peeing!!!

He makes me smile every day...much of the time because he's bumping into things and looks funny when he walks himself into a corner. But, it's really amazing how well he does for being blind!!!

Here's our guy, Sparky: