Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Day Five - Thar She Blows

Day five was a mixed bag. We spent the morning swimming in Gigi and Papa's pool - what fun that was. It rained on us while we were in the pool, all the while the sun was shining. Weird weather here!

Later that afternoon, however, was the big event for the day - we went on a whale watching trip. What an adventure that was. We all boarded the large catamaran and headed towards the island of Lani'i - about 5 miles off of Maui. I have a tendancy to get sea sick, so I had the forethought to take some dramamine, and Kelsey took some too. All I can say is THANK GOD that we did! The waters were so choppy and rocky that even with the dramamine, Kelsey and I still got nauseated. Kaden was a trooper, although the beauty of the place escaped him!

Poor Kaitlyn and Julia - I guess I should have given them some dramamine, but they both said they never get motion sick and wouldn't need it. They were wrong. Dead wrong. Kaitlyn, however, went to the restroom and vomited and felt much better.

We did, however, have a fantastic amount of whales to view. It was like "whale soup" one person said! The guides kept gushing about how amazing this trip was. It was the best all year. We saw behaviour that you rarely see, etc, etc. I was so busy focusing on the shoreline to keep my stomach from turning inside out that I am afraid I missed much of it. But, we did see A LOT of whales. It really was amazing, I just wish I had a seaman's stomach! Here's a coulple of the better pictures we got.

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