Thursday, September 25, 2008

A case for being NICE to PALIN!

Are there do-over's in politics? The luster is quickly fading on Sarah Palin, and although many of us saw this train-wreck coming I don't think that any of us thought it would go this far. I'm talking specifically about the many very conservative journalists who are turning on her. We are a gawker society, and I can't help but gawk at this melt-down with some perverse pleasure!

First, there is Kathleen Parker's article that I read yesterday where she calls for Palin to bow out saying "Only Palin can save McCain, her party, and the country she loves. She can bow out for personal reasons..."

And then there's George Will's latest article - yet another conservative (albeit never a true fan of McCain's), who is questioning McCain and especially his judgement in selecting Palin.

So, this leads me to ask...what would happen if she really did bow out? McCain gets a do-over?

Here's my fear...all those middle of the roaders that have decided to vote for Obama largely because of how McCain's choice has turned out to be so horrendous could reconsider their Obama choice if McCain gets a do-over. If she left the ticket, he'd have the option to be the real maverick he claims to be and select Joe Lieberman - the traitor democrat who's lost all of his senses. Or, in a less maverick-ish move, but probably more logical, he could go for Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee to still appeal to the religious base. The point being that no matter who he picks, he'd be better off than he is now with Palin.

McCain's numbers have been in decline since the post-convention bump. This could be due to his wishy-washy approach to "leadership" (and I use that word lightly here), or his back and forth stance on the bail-out, or any other number of stupid things he's done or said. But, I'd like to say SHUT UP to all these crazy people for picking on Palin and potentially cause her to pick up her marbles and run home. She's the best thing that's happened for us. His selection of her was a clear demonstration of his decision making, and his risk taking personality. Having her on the ticket is a boon to our side, so SHUT UP ALREADY!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm in Shock and Awe

Truly, I am in awe. As I rode the shuttle home from work tonight I reflected upon the events of the last two weeks in the world. I read this Thomas Friedman article that I printed for my ride home, and then pondered the state of the world.

And then all the stuff I've been reading about credit default swaps, and mortgage back securities hit me smack in the middle of my forehead. This is big. No, scratch that. This is HUGE. Yes, we all know it's major, but what struck me was the realization that the events of the past few weeks, as well as the current political events, will be written about in history texts for decades, perhaps centuries to come.

So I watch with great amazement, and wonderment...and fear. Never have we, in my lifetime, had so much to lose as I think we do now. This is a game changer, folks. The way our country responds to this crisis will shape future generations to come. I remain hopeful that another "great generation" can be borne from this disaster. With the right leadership (Barack Obama) and the right messaging (innovate, energy independence, regulation on greed), I believe the future for our children can be bright!

On a lighter note - we went up north for a family reunion on my ex-husband's side of the family. I posted some pictures on my facebook, but you can view them here if you don't have a facebook account.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's the ECONOMY, stupid!

John McCain has been saying the fundamentals of our economy are sound. He's been saying it for months without qualification as to what the "fundamentals" are.

Why hasn't he clarified before now what these fundamentals are? Because we all know what the fundamentals are! They are bank rates, interest rates, mortgage foreclosures, imports and exports, GDP, supply & demand, and all those other markers of economic performance that we learn about in econ 101!

So - the economy took a HUGE fall yesterday - even Greenspan says it's the worst economy he's ever seen...a once in a century event:

But McCain with his decietful and disgraceful campaign methods is trying to turn this onto Obama. Now he qualifies that when he says "fundamentals" what he really is refering to is the workers of America! And therefore, Obama is criticizing the American people. How stupid does he think we are???

I am SO SICK AND TIRED of his lies and manipulation. ENOUGH ALREADY!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Skol, Vikings, Let's Go

My friend Kim has season tickets to the Vikings, and the person she usually goes with couldn't go. So - I got to be her stand-in. I love the Vikings, I's a sickness....and every year we think it is gonna be The Year! Well, this year isn't looking any better than last year at this point. 0-2 - that sucks. So we lost today, but I had a blast despite the loss.

First, while tailgaiting, we saw Chuck Foreman...he was signing autographs:

How cool is that???

The seats were awesome - I had a great view - except during the first half when we had the "Get-a-freeking-room-people-this-is-a-vikings-game-not-a-love-nest" couple in front of us. I swear - it was nearly x-rated. The girl couldn't keep her hands off her guy. She would have her hands up the back of his shirt, or down the back of his pants everytime they would stand up. When they were seated her hands constantly rubbed his face, ears, ran through his hair. At one point he stood up, she stayed seated and slipped her hand between his legs from the back. From our view she must have had her hand all the way up the front on his crotch because we couldn't even see her arm, just her shoulder and his ass. It was gross actually. They were probably about our age, drunk and smelly, and her boobs were hanging out and her hickey's we showing. I thought I need visual proof for my blog, so I snapped this picture before half-time. I figured I'd get some more when they came back, but mercifully they did not come back after half-time.

the second half of the game would have been nirvana with their absence...had we not LOST THE FREEKING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway - it was awesome - good conversation, good fun, good time. Thanks Kim!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Celebrity Envy

John McCain had Celebrity Envy. That's the only reason I can come up with why he would appoint Sarah Palin as his VP. He knew it would shake things up and that was his only hope at drawing larger crowds. I heard on NPR this morning that where he used to draw 100-500 people crowds, with her he's now drawing 5,000-15,000 people crowds.

Who's working the celebrity angle now????? What a hypocrit!

But here's the scariest part. Actuarialy speaking, there's a very good chance that Sarah Palin could become the president should they win the election. Sorry - those are just the facts of life. Look at the obituaries every day and you'll see that far more 70+ year olds appear there than 40+ year olds.

Given how weak her response was last night to Charlie Gibson's question on the Bush Doctrine, I'm scared to death of her being our president. Hell, she didn't even know what the Bush Doctrine was!!! Watch this and see for yourself.

The other thing I can see clear as day is the difference between when she doesn't know how the hell to answer a question as opposed to those where she's been clearly coached. Her whole demeanor changes and her hand gestures change. It's an incredible, yet frightening, spectacle!

So - here's John McCain on the Bush Doctrine.

At least he knows what hell it is! God help us if they win and he subsequently dies in office!

But now - because I don't want to end on a sour note, and I need to start my day of with cheerier thoughts, I will continue to campaign for Obama/Biden and hope the world sees the true Sarah Palin - as shown here:

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The FAT Truth

I'm skinny! Yep! I've been dieting for...ummm...seems like years. Ummmm...errrr...I guess it actually has been years! But, I'm here today to announce to you all that I am skinny.


What's that you're saying?

I have a BMI that puts me in the grossly obese category?

Oh, well, ummm, the issue here is that these BMI calculators don't take into account some very important criteria (like my perception). We should never place our trust in objective measures that don't account for the ever important personal feeling index.

It's obvious to see that your data is incorrect and I am indeed skinny!

What's that?

I still wear a size 18 and have to shop in the plus sizes?

Yeah, but 18 is the new 8, havent' you heard? I'm telling you...I'M SKINNY DAMMIT!

Huh? What's that you say? No, you're wrong, I'm not fat!

I'm skinny.
I'm skinny.
I'm skinny.
I'm skinny.
I'm skinny.
I'm skinny.
I'm skinny!!!

ARGH! How is that possible? You still don't believe me!!!

Wait - I don't understand?!?!

It works for Sarah Palin and John McCain!

They tell lie after lie after lie. They repeat their lies over and over, dress their lies up in pretty clothing and put pretty pink lipstick on them, and turn their little pit bulls lies into pretty Alaskan-beauty-queen-govenor lies. Sooner or later the people they are speaking to just figure it's the truth. That's how stupid they think the American people are, and sadly sometimes are :(

Don't believe me? Read this

(if that link doesn't work - pretty much the same info is here. I noticed today the CBS link is gone, but I hope it comes back so I'm leaving it there)

So, Citizens of the blogosphere, I stand (actually sitting because I'm too fat to stand for long) here before you to tell you I AM SKINNY!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah who?

Ok, I was thinking about blogging about the wonderful waning days of summer I've been enjoying, but I just can't!

I have to vent...

  • Who are they kidding? How stupid do they think women are? Do they really think the women who are on the fence will vote for McCain/Palin simply because he picked a running mate with a vagina? How insulting this is to women who were Hillary supporters! Here's a video clip that pretty much sums up how I feel about it the whole thing, it gets funniest about 1/2 way through.

  • They say keep your friends close and your enemies that end, I vowed to watch the entire RNC convention, but here I am 2 days into it, and I fear I don't have the stomach to suffer through the rest. I'm listening to Mitt Romney as I type this and about vomitted when I heard him say that Washington is "too liberal" - is he high?

  • And what's with all this bullshit about about putting "Country First"???? These people could take a lesson from Obama about taking the high-road. How insulting to the Democrats by insinuating that they don't want to put our country first. Obama has made every effort to make it clear that this election should be about the issues and our differences, not to denegrate one another but it seems that's the only way the GOP knows how to operate and I'm sick and tired of it.

  • And, poor John McCain - his wife appeared on ABC's "This Week" - and completely embarrased him. Here's a quote that I just couldn't believe when I heard it (in response to Palin's lack of foreign policy experience): "You know, the experience that she comes from is, what she has done in government -- and remember that Alaska is the closest part of our continent to Russia." What the F*&k is that? The first part in blue - well, that's just non-sensical garbage! But the part in red? PUUUULLLLLEEEEZZZZEEEE. Does anyone really think that because geographically her state is near the outskirts of Russia, that this gives her foreign policy experience? This is frighenting, folks!!! View it here.

  • His decision to select Palin is a clear indication of his decision making process, and illuminates the fact that he's a real risk-taker. I don't know if I'm comfortable with my president being careless with such major decisions. Seems like a pretty big gamble to me!

  • Lastly, if John McCain were really the "maverick" he wants us all to believe he is, he wouldn't have selected Sarah Palin, he would have picked who he really wanted...Joe Lieberman. Besides a veiled attempt to pull some of those former Hillary supporters, the real reason he selected her was because he caved into the pressure from the religious base that has taken over what used to be a Grand old party. He placated the religious base that Bush allowed to take over the party. The Republicans of today, with their extreme religious base, is nothing like what it used to be 20 years ago. It's sad, really.

All my venting aside, here's the most serious (and scarey) issue of his selection. Even though Palin is on video six weeks ago saying she really doesn't know what the Vice President does, the fact is that a major role of the VP is to take over should something happen to the President. Given McCain's age, it is not inconceivable that he could die in office. Is she really someone who could assume the responsibilities of the presidency???