Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Mother of All Oxymorons

Fresh it isn't. But that's what they called it! How could they? There should be a law!

What am I ranting about? I'll tell you what I'm ranting about. I've lived in Minnesota most of my life and a large part of that in Northern Minnesota where the Scandinavians rule. But, even up Nort they wouldn't use the word FRESH to describe Lutefisk! I was at my butcher shop today, here in Southern Minnesota, and imagine my horror when I saw a bag of jellied fish labeled "Fresh Lutefisk."

A little lesson: Lutefisk is made by taking dried out fish (read: OLD) and reconstituting it in cold water for a week, then soaking it for a few days in water and lye. Yes lye - that stuff my mom used to clean her silver sparkled linoleum floors and counter tops in the 60's. The "fish" (I use the term lightly at this stage in the process) is then soaked for yet another week in plain water again.

The resulting product is a slimy, gelatinous mass of yuck that these crazy Scandinavians have the nerve to call FRESH! Therefore - I am launching my new campaign: Just Say No to Lutefisk!

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