Sunday, September 14, 2008

Skol, Vikings, Let's Go

My friend Kim has season tickets to the Vikings, and the person she usually goes with couldn't go. So - I got to be her stand-in. I love the Vikings, I's a sickness....and every year we think it is gonna be The Year! Well, this year isn't looking any better than last year at this point. 0-2 - that sucks. So we lost today, but I had a blast despite the loss.

First, while tailgaiting, we saw Chuck Foreman...he was signing autographs:

How cool is that???

The seats were awesome - I had a great view - except during the first half when we had the "Get-a-freeking-room-people-this-is-a-vikings-game-not-a-love-nest" couple in front of us. I swear - it was nearly x-rated. The girl couldn't keep her hands off her guy. She would have her hands up the back of his shirt, or down the back of his pants everytime they would stand up. When they were seated her hands constantly rubbed his face, ears, ran through his hair. At one point he stood up, she stayed seated and slipped her hand between his legs from the back. From our view she must have had her hand all the way up the front on his crotch because we couldn't even see her arm, just her shoulder and his ass. It was gross actually. They were probably about our age, drunk and smelly, and her boobs were hanging out and her hickey's we showing. I thought I need visual proof for my blog, so I snapped this picture before half-time. I figured I'd get some more when they came back, but mercifully they did not come back after half-time.

the second half of the game would have been nirvana with their absence...had we not LOST THE FREEKING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway - it was awesome - good conversation, good fun, good time. Thanks Kim!

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ke said...

Here'a the link to one of my pictures -- the one with you and the crazy guy with the big hair.