Thursday, September 11, 2008

Celebrity Envy

John McCain had Celebrity Envy. That's the only reason I can come up with why he would appoint Sarah Palin as his VP. He knew it would shake things up and that was his only hope at drawing larger crowds. I heard on NPR this morning that where he used to draw 100-500 people crowds, with her he's now drawing 5,000-15,000 people crowds.

Who's working the celebrity angle now????? What a hypocrit!

But here's the scariest part. Actuarialy speaking, there's a very good chance that Sarah Palin could become the president should they win the election. Sorry - those are just the facts of life. Look at the obituaries every day and you'll see that far more 70+ year olds appear there than 40+ year olds.

Given how weak her response was last night to Charlie Gibson's question on the Bush Doctrine, I'm scared to death of her being our president. Hell, she didn't even know what the Bush Doctrine was!!! Watch this and see for yourself.

The other thing I can see clear as day is the difference between when she doesn't know how the hell to answer a question as opposed to those where she's been clearly coached. Her whole demeanor changes and her hand gestures change. It's an incredible, yet frightening, spectacle!

So - here's John McCain on the Bush Doctrine.

At least he knows what hell it is! God help us if they win and he subsequently dies in office!

But now - because I don't want to end on a sour note, and I need to start my day of with cheerier thoughts, I will continue to campaign for Obama/Biden and hope the world sees the true Sarah Palin - as shown here:

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Iguana Banana said...

OH help us. And help those people who truly believe that God sent these ridiculous people to "help" America. The kind of help these 2 will provide is help that none of us needs.
ARGH! I am now going to pour a big stiff drink and say my own prayers to a God who believes in equality and education and honesty...