Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's the ECONOMY, stupid!

John McCain has been saying the fundamentals of our economy are sound. He's been saying it for months without qualification as to what the "fundamentals" are.

Why hasn't he clarified before now what these fundamentals are? Because we all know what the fundamentals are! They are bank rates, interest rates, mortgage foreclosures, imports and exports, GDP, supply & demand, and all those other markers of economic performance that we learn about in econ 101!

So - the economy took a HUGE fall yesterday - even Greenspan says it's the worst economy he's ever seen...a once in a century event:

But McCain with his decietful and disgraceful campaign methods is trying to turn this onto Obama. Now he qualifies that when he says "fundamentals" what he really is refering to is the workers of America! And therefore, Obama is criticizing the American people. How stupid does he think we are???

I am SO SICK AND TIRED of his lies and manipulation. ENOUGH ALREADY!

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