Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ethical Wills...

A while ago in church our minister's topic was that of "Ethical/Spiritual Wills." What's that, you say? It's actually a pretty neat idea, you can get all sorts of info on the web about them. Basically, it's the act of documenting your ethical and spiritual beliefs - your life's lessons learned - for your descendants.

All of my grandparents are passed, but my dad's parents both passed when I was fairly young, so I didn't get to know them as well as I did my mom's parents, the last of whom passed just two years ago. I carry with me today some of their wisdom passed down from my father, but I have to say I would love it if today I could open a diary and read what was really in their hearts, not just the cute sayings like - my favorite is "Hunger makes a great sauce" (a true child of the depression)!

I may work on one for my children and all their descendants, but for now I just have to ponder some gems from what some infamous people's ethical wills would look like....

Snippets from Anna Nicole Smith's ethical will:
..."Use condoms"
..."Silicone is a wonder drug"

Snippets from Gov. Eliot Spitzer's ethical will:
..."always pay in cash, don't bicker about price, and use a fake name"

Snippets from Michael Jackson's ethical will:
..."Babies can fly, really they can!!!!"

Snippets from Bill Clinton's ethical will:
..."Fight for gender equality, a man can be 'First Lady' too!"

Snippets from Brittany Spears's ethical will:
..."I know I sucked as a mom...get over it!"

Snippets from former Vikings quarterback Daunte Culpepper's ethical will:
..."Charter your own boat and don't invite your friends!"

Snippets from Pres. Bush's ethical will:
..."a lie, repeated ad nauseam, is the truth"

Snippets from Barry Bonds's ethical will:
..."Do what it takes!"

Think about it...I'll bet you can come up with some gems to pass along!

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