Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Under the weather...

Sorry I've been absent of late - first it was a sinus infection, then last week a horrible cough crept up on me. Yesterday the doctor said I had pneumonia! No wonder I felt so crappy.

So - two days at home, barely paying attention to work and emails, and I'm starting to feel back in the land of the living! And to inspire me further in life was this incredible speech I watched on CNN today. I really admire this man...


That's all for now - back to my sick bed - so that I can be completely back in the game tomorrow!


The Littles said...

fell better soon. I miss you.

Angela WD said...

Ugh, I've been struggling with sinus stuff for a while. Have you tried the neti pot? My specialist recommended it to clear out my sinuses.

Be well!