Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Potty Partners?

OK! Now I've heard it all! Have you heard about "potty partners"? I guess it's the new rage in potty training your toddler.

My daughter called last night to tell me that my fantabulous grandson, who isn't even 2 yet, used the potty at daycare yesterday for the first time! The conversation went like this:

Mama: "Mom! GUESS WHAT!?!?!"

Nonna: "What?"

Mama: "Kaden used the potty at daycare today!"

Nonna: "What?! That crazy, he's not even two!"

Mama: "That's not that young for potty training"

Nonna: "Are you kidding? You were nearly 3 1/2 when you finally started"

Mama: "Kaden has a potty partner, maybe that helped him start earlier"

Nonna: "A POTTY PARTNER? What the heck is that?"

Mama: "It's where they pair a younger toddler with one who is already mostly potty trained. The concept is that they will learn quicker from a peer."

Nonna: "OH MY GOD! They're using peer pressure to get them to use the potty earlier now? What will they think of next?"

Mama: "It's a big deal - you can google it - everyone is doing it, and it really works!"

Nonna: "I guess it does. Maybe I just caught on late - I didn't want a potty partner until I was about 13, and ever since then it seems if I'm with a group of gals we always have to go together!"


I'M BACK from the pneumonia and feeling better everyday, and just in time. I'm performing in two concerts this weekend. On Saturday I'm singing with the Rochester Symphony in the Mozart Requiem (one of my favorites!), and then on Sunday the orchestra I play in, the Mayo Chamber Orchestra, is giving their final concert of the season. It's been an incredibly hectic February and March. I've had something going on nearly every night of every week. I'm happily looking forward to no more rehearsals for a while and just relaxing when I come home from work.

Oh, and did I mention we're trying to sell our house? No, we're not leaving Rochester, but I'm tired of having two mortgages and since we haven't been able to sell our other house (a rental), we decided to try and sell the one we built 4 years ago. Here's a link to the listing if you are curious about what my house looks like (or know someone who wants to buy it!)

I've been watching the politics closely with disgust and musing and surprise - all the while ranting quite a bit at home about it. I'm sure once I'm through this weekend, I'll be back to ranting online about it again.

While I was out sick, I've had several emails from friends that I had no idea were even reading my blog! What a nice surprise. Please leave me comments, I love knowing you're reading...

That's it for my catching up blog today. Hopefully I'll be back at it more regularly!

thanks for reading (and commenting!) jg


Russ said...

Oh my goodness!
I wondered what happened to you. Glad you are feeling better. Do you think Larry Craig could use "Potty Partners" as his defense? HAHAHA!

Nonna said...

Oh, Russ! You crack me up, that's a good one!

Jon said...

No, you can't sell "my house"! I'm just so upset about this! I was looking forward to sending you some pond scum this year from the river by my house (1/2 price for you!)

Nonna said...

Jon! No need to worry - things aren't selling fast, I'm sure I'll be in the house through the summer and happy to accept a shipment of pond scum from you!!! :)

The Littles said...

Wow! That house is gorgeous. Yes, yes, yes... I know that we've been invited. Now, I'm going to have to take you up on it before it's too late! I'm glad that you're feeling better.
Potty training?!?!?!?! Could he have a talk with Yaya?