Thursday, January 1, 2009

My favorite time of year - OSCARS!

Yep, it's that time of year when all the Oscar contenders are trying to make their impression. It's crazy that we go through a severe movie drought every fall and then are deluged with a gazillion movies that want to be remembered come Oscar time.

And, I'm all too happy to oblige them. I try and see as many as I can - but never manage to see them all!

So far I've only seen a couple - Seven Pounds and Valkyrie. THIS IS A SPOILER ALERT...if you haven't seen them and don't want me to screw it up for you - come back to this post after you've seen them.

Valkyrie was a pretty good movie, although I think the story itself is more redeeming than the moviemaking of it. It's the true story of German citizens and soldiers who felt compelled to follow their conscience and dared to oppose Hitler. I don't know if it will get nominated for anything. I liked it - but don't think it was Oscar worthy.

Seven Pounds, on the other hand, was a heart wrenching and beautiful movie. I don't know why it's been panned by the critics, unless they're just not that into themes of introspection and selflessness. I was stunned by the heartbreaking turn of events and the beauty of the main character's gifts to others: The gift of life. He was tortured by his past. His way to redeem himself was to give of himself. Completely. I was balling my eyes out at the selflessness and beauty of his choice, however misguided and tragic it was. I thought it was a beautiful movie in an "Atonement" kind of way and hope it gets a nod from the academy.

That's it for my movie reviews so far...would love to hear your thoughts on these movies if you've seen them...


Jon said...

We really should get out to see the movies more often, but for some reason, we don't. The last movie I saw was Religulous, which I thought was hilarious. Lately, I've been wanting to see Milk, but it's only playing downtown and that would mean I'd have to drive more than five minutes (and we can't have that can we?)

Lately I was warned by my best friend that I should not go see the new Brad Pitt/Kate Blanchett movie - Benjamin Buttons. He says the move is two hours and forty minutes long, and was only actually shown after sitting through 30 minutes of commercials and previews. Regardless of how good a movie is, I can only sit still for so long.

Is it just me or are movies just getting to be too long? It seems like they are afraid to let the editor do his job.

Nonna said...

I agree - nearly 3 hours is way too long for a movie...unless it's spectacularily good, which I've heard "Button" isn't.

I'm so frustrated that we still do not have Milk or Frost/Nixon here in's driving me crazy..

jessica lipnack said...

Happy to find your blog, Julia. I loved Milk and thought Religulous was v funny and v spot on. Looking forward to seeing Frost/Nixon and Slumdog Millionaire, both of which are playing in walking distance.