Sunday, January 11, 2009

More Movie Reviews

If you're in search of Oscar worthy movies, Marley and Me is not one of them. However, it was a cute movie with a meaningful message. If you have younger kids, take them, they'll love it. If you're looking for an escape from heavy, deep, thought provoking movies - this is a good respite. But enough about that one...

I'm here today to rant about Gran Torino. This is a must see, and definitely an Oscar contender. The movie was written by a Minnesotan, and was set in Minnesota until the movie makers changed it to Michigan because Michigan gives a hefty tax break to movie producers! It tells a tale of prejudice and hatred mixed with respect and love. It is the story of colliding cultures that will leave you pondering the state of our world. I knew this was going to be a drama heading into it, so I was quite surprised at how much I laughed. The writing was spectacular. Witty. Hilarious. Thought provoking. Revealing.

I'm still utterly frustrated that we don't have Frost/Nixon, or Milk. I've also heard good things about Slumdog Millionaire, but haven't heard a word about when it will be here. It better be before the Oscars! It's hard to believe we're the third largest city in the state of Minnesota, behind only Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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