Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This is where the right-wing-religious-wingnuts have brought us

A friend of mine with deep roots in Israel found this on an Israeli newspaper website - with video from Al-Jazeera (how's that for irony). I don't know about anyone else out there, but I was just sickened and stunned by some of what is shown here. I believe if McCain had gone with his true nature as a moderate republican instead of caving to the extreme right of the GOP party, that we wouldn't be seeing nearly as much of this divisiveness.

I respect the right-wing-religious-wingnuts right to express their views as long as it's not filled with hate-speech and violent-inciting rhetoric. And I support their right to have a party that supports their views...but I do not respect how they've bullied their way into the republican party and virtually taken it over. I used to be a republican (many many years ago). The GOP party used to be the party known for its intellect and common-sense solutions. Now they're quickly becoming known as the party of extremism where they think anyone who doesn't see the world as they do are evil or terrorists. Their agenda is no longer one of fiscal conservatism, but of social and moral conservatism. Fiscal conservatism has taken a back-seat to people who think they are the only "pro-American" people. People's who's agenda is to legislate their morality into everyones lives.

I believe this is the main reason Colin Powell is endorsing Obama. It's not so much an endorsement for Obama as it is against the GOP that has gone astray from it's roots and now only focuses on injecting their personal views on gays, abortion, guns, etc, into everyones life. The GOP used to believe (as McCain still does) that these personal issues should be decided at the personal level. What's right for you isn't necessarily what's right for me.

This is a dangerous path indeed and has pushed me further and further left as time passes...


Jon said...

The Republicans needs to stand up and take back their party from the right wing wackos.

I agree fundamentally with the Republican stance on most fiscal policy and I do believe our country needs to maintain a strong defense. But I cannot pull the lever for the same guy as these people. I can't help spread their ignorance by filling the Supreme Court with their nominee's appointments.

Iguana Banana said...

OMG OMG OMG - did that boy just say he thought that Palin was 'filled with the Holy Spirit' and would bring 'honesty and integrity to the White House' WTF?!?!

I agree - McCain gave it up to the power behind the Republican Party - frightening, huh?