Monday, October 27, 2008

The Great Revelation

I've heard it said that Rush Limbaugh controls the religious base of the Republican Party. He has never been a fan of McCain who is too independent minded. But on one issue, McCain succumbed to Rush's directive. McCain selected Sarah Palin to appease Rush and his right-wing-religious-wingnut base.

Here's my thought for the it possible that Rush sabotaged McCain for his own agenda? Is it possible that Rush wants Obama to win?

Think about it.

It gives him job security.

If McCain had won - with a rational pick for VP - who would care much what Rush says? But if Obama wins - Rush has at least 4 more years to stir the pot and build up his right-wing-religious-wingnut party!

(Post-script - I believe I may have been wrong in calling the right-wing-religious-wingnut group "Neocons" in a previous post. I am not 100% sure now what a neocon is, but it was pointed out to me that it is not what I thought it was. I've done a little digging and all I can really find is that it revolves around this particular group's ideology as it relates to foreign policy. I don't have a problem admitting when I'm wrong - but now I'm in need of a label for this group. For now, i call them "right-wing-religious-wingnuts" - mea culpa!)

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