Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Papa's Passion...Nonna's Nightmare!

I went to Bemidji this past weekend to help babysit Kaden while Kelsey had a 4 hour job interview to be the RA at her dorm! Kaden and I went out to Gigi and Papa's place (that's great-grandma and great-grandpa to Kaden). The weather was a balmy 38 degrees so Papa decided he wanted to take Kaden out on the 4-wheeler. Notice the boy has no boots, but I did manage to find a suitable hat and scarf (both ones that I wore as a kid - sheesh my parents never throw anything away!).

I expected Papa to take him for about 5 minutes, just down the road. Well 15 minutes went by and I was pretty worried by then - but I'm known to be a nervous nelly anyway when it comes to my offspring's safety! But, when the phone rang I knew it wasn't likely to be good.

Gigi answered the phone. I hear "stuck?" and "on the lake?!" and my mind went numb thinking of all the horrible things that could ensue. Mom hung up, called a neighbor down the street whose husband was out ice fishing, but were unable to reach him. So, we got our boots on and were determined to go on our own rescue mission. Now, mind you, my mom just had major surgery less than 2 weeks prior to this, and I am such a gimp with my hip problems that neither of us were going to be able to do what we thought needed to be done.

Then, a blessing befell us, Papa and Kaden came riding up on the 4-wheeler, safe and sound. Apparently the reason we were unable to reach the husband of the neighbor was that he was already out there helping my dad! WHEW! Crisis averted!

The rest of the weekend was great. Kaden got his first haircut - at 21 months old! The funny thing about small towns is that no matter how long you've been gone (I moved away from there in 1983) - there's always someone there that you'll bump into from your childhood. This weekend it was Alice Mason who cut Kadens hair. She was in my graduating class. I recognized her right away - she hasn't changed much - but I couldn't remember her last name until I asked her! She remembered me too. How scary is that?!

And then there was the adventure at McDonalds the morning I left. They have a wonderful little play area there that Kaden loves, but he's NEVER gone down the slide portion - until this morning. I don't know who was more excited that he actually did it - he or his mom!? I captured
it for posterity:

I can't think of a better way to spend a weekend, can you???


Angela WD said...

Bemidji...hmmm, is that in Denmark?

Just kidding! Sounds like a great weekend!

iguana banana said...

Sounds like so much fun! I'm glad the weather was so balmy.
Oops. Gotta run. The girls are in the pool and my cocktail is waiting on the patio!