Monday, September 17, 2007

a TAG by any other name...

ok, so I've been tagged by my pal Ahna - it feels somewhat like being hit by a snowball with all that crystally edginess you get in mid-January. So, here goes! My middle name is Ellen...

E is for Esoteric...not because I am - I'm not. But I think not only is it a cool word, I like it's meaning. I like things that are esoteric, things that I have to sit and ponder, things I have to think deep about.

L is for Lakes - it's the reason I left "paradise" (Southern California) and moved back to home - our 10,000+ lakes. Actually, the last time I heard an actual number it was somewhere around 15000, but who's counting??? I grew up on a very special little lake in Northern Minnesota, and to this day it's still pristine and beautiful. I just returned from a weekend up there and thus the lakes are on my mind.

L is for Lyrics. When I was young, listening to music was all about the music - the tune - the mechanics. But as I've grown older I have started listening more to the words and frequently I'll find a song I like because of the words, and it wouldn't matter what music was attached. I recently bought Pink's new album and it has a really cool song on there called "Dear Mr. President..." - but it's not for the republican side of the house, that's for sure. I LOVE the song. But, by far the most powerful song for me is also accompanied by a beautiful tune - Imagine, by John Lennon. I can't think of any more beautiful thoughts than this one, and the music deeply enhances the message.

E is for Exercise. It's something I used to do fairly religiously until I started my MBA, and then I got off track and fatter than I can stand! However, I have this great new job at the Mayo Clinic, and they just opened a new exercise facility for employees - it's a beautiful grand facility that I am enjoying very much. Because I have bad hips, I love to swim, and it has two big wonderful pools - one dedicated to laps, and one for water aerobics. And - they're salt water not so hard on your skin, hair, and suit. Thank you Mayo Clinic - I really am loving the new facility.

N is for Nonna. When my 16 year old daughter came to me two years ago and told me she was pregnant, the thought of being a grandma at age 42 sent me into a tailspin. Once I got over the shock and adjusted to the idea, I decided one thing had to change - we would NOT call me "Grandma" - that's for old people! So - Nonna it is. That's Italian for Grandma - and anyone who knows me knows I was probably an Italian Grandma in a prior life! I am so very proud of her now, she's raising a wonderful little boy. He's nearly 18 months now and is the light of my life. They just moved off to college and I miss them very much, but I am so proud of how she's taken on the challenge, and I am happy to be Nonna!

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ahna said...

That was great. Thank you so much for sharing. I really love to learn all of that stuff from you. I am so glad that you are blogging. I check in on you every morning. No pressure. Just nice to know that you are here.