Friday, September 21, 2007

Swan dives...

August 21, 2007

Last night I went to one of Kaitlyn's many swimming/diving meets, but this one was different. It was a cross-town rival who has been breaking all sorts of records - so the team was very exicted. Kaitlyn is a diver, but even so she was very pumped for the meet. Well, it was an amazing night. Several pool records were broken, unfortunately they were broken by the opponent! Our team lost, but Kaitlyn - that amazing teenage daughter of mine - had a terrific night! She dove beautifully! She bested her highest score, and got her first ever "6" in competition - in fact - she got two of them!!! Isn't she so cool! What a kid!


ahna said...

Hooray for your beautiful girl! Please tell her that we are so proud of and for her. Way to go, diver girl.
J - is it fun to be back at the pool again? Seeing those photos reminded me of syncronized swimming - did anyone really swim? I sure as heck didn't! I would bet that once you smell that pool you are whisked right back to your diving days.
love to all, and hope to see you soon.
BTW - Will you drop me Michael's email or give him my email &/or blog info? I can't find his info - figures.

Nonna said...

AB - Diver Diva was happy to hear of your kind words. She's very happy with herself these days, quite a feat for any teenage girl, wouldn't you say?!!!

And, yes, I love being back in the pool...I am thankful for the opportunity it provides me!