Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hello World!

What does one write about on their very first ever blog posting? The possibilities are endless I'm sure, and inevitably everyone wants to be witty and clever...what a challenge...what stress.

I'll start by explaining the title for this particular entry and why "Hello World" is ironically apropos for my first blog. The irony - I've been a tech geek for some 20+ years now, both professionally and personally - so I think it's funny that it's taken me this long to start my own blog. Apropos because anyone who has ever had any type of computer language class can atest to the fact that almost inevitably when you make your first creation in programming, the first project is always called "hello world!"

So, world, what am I doing here? And why am I so late? Well, truth be told, I have always just assumed that I don't have much to write about. And when I voiced that to my dear old friend, Ahna (, she said - why sure you do! I know she was just being polite and lovely as she always is, but it got me to thinking...thinking and ruminating...and since I moved my first baby into college life this last month, I found myself looking back on my life and assessing the first half (at least I hope half) of my life. Call it the proverbial mid-life crisis, call it whatever you want, but as I have been ruminating in my brain over the changes in my life I came to realize that I have some pretty deep thoughts running around in there. Hence the title for my blog - Because I knew you - because one thing I have come to appreciate in my mid-life are all the wonderfully spectacular people out there. ("Because I knew you..." is a title from an insightful song from Wicked - the verse is "Because I knew you...I have been changed for good"). Life is about relationships. Life is about people. It's not about the jobs we hold or the money we make. It's about people and how we love one another (or fail to). Period!

So, my adventures in blogging are underway and it's all about you! (ok, well, me and you!) I do have lots to say, in time: Some sad, some witty, some cleverly funny (I hope!).

Blogging, however, is not quite so private as journaling was. Recalling when I was 14 and jounaled everynight about the pedantic adventures of a wannabe grownup, I remembered why I loved to journal so much then. Journaling has a very cathartic effect, and in a strange way helps you to see yourself from the outside in. Since we're in the electronic age (and my hand gets writers cramp after just 5 minutes of writting) blogging seemed to be the logical way to get back to that journaling effect. I guess I have to find a new way to journal. Any ideas from you, world, would be appreciated.


ahna said...

You're here! I've been waiting for you!!! I know that your brilliant and creative mind will write wonderful things... everyday things and ordinary things and wonderful things and simple things and silly things and... it's all good. It's a little weird at first, but it sounds like you've already found your voice. Hooray! I'm glad that you came.

ahna said...

I tagged you. Check it out. Can't wait to hear what you've got to say.

Nonna said...

Glad you found me AB! I'm sure this will be fun...just back from the Midge, will have to check out this tagging thing!!!