Friday, April 4, 2008

A teacher of all people

Would he be proud of our society today? Would he be discouraged? Would he delight in the impact he had on our country, or lament his time was cut short?

He cried out that he had a glimpse of the "promiseland" - is this it? Are we close? Or do we sadly have miles and miles to go?

On this, the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr's assassination, I pause to honor him, his ideals, and his efforts on behalf of all mankind. I would like to believe if I had been old enough during his time here that I would have marched next to him as a white person. I would like to believe I would have assumed his cause as mine as the right and just thing to do.

But, would I have had the courage? Would you?

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Angela Williams Duea said...

That's a good question. I think we would have faced much more harrassment back then, if we marched with him. That kind of courage has not yet been tested in me.