Friday, December 3, 2010

My first blog entry ever - or - Positive Thoughts

My wonderful wife Julia has updated everyone on the events of this week. It has been one day of news after another. Some has been good, most has not. But today I got the best news yet. The CT scans of my lungs were clear. The nagging cough I've had for a long time is attributable to other things.

There have been visits to lots of doctors, and two days and nights in the hospital this week. Through it all I guess I'm a bit surprised by how positive my attitude has been. I've been told by a number of doctors that this attitude will serve me well through the long treatment process. I hope they are right. I guess the things I feel I'm not good at I can get pretty down on myself for - but the things I'm good at I am confident about. One thing about which I have always been confident (sometimes Julia would say aggravatingly confident about) is my ability to stay well and / or get well. In this case, I'll be doing everything I can to follow my treatment path and get better. I suppose this will be harder than any illness before, but it can be done.

Let me leave you with this for today. One of my favorite comics, thanks to my daughter Julia who inherited my sense of humor, is xkcd. On the day the doctors confirmed cancer the following was posted on Enjoy the coincidence, if you believe in coincidences (which I really don't).

Chris and Julia


Anonymous said...

Your attitude is great and it certainly doesn't hurt. Sounds like they have taken some positive steps. I pray the treatment strategy works out well.

Anonymous said...

How utterly Chris & Julia. At a time when anyone in the world would understand them turning inward, they think of their many friends who are anxious for their words. We care about you! Sending energy your way.