Thursday, July 17, 2008

My cathartic word vomit

Today I read the following letter to the editor in our paper here in Rochester MN:

It made me want to PUKE VIOLENTLY! But then I thought...instead of doing that, I'll do a little word vomit right back at her! Following is the letter I just emailed to the editor. I hope it gets published, but if not, at least I feel somewhat better!

To Lorraine Schuchard of Zumbrota, author of the "Gay marriage hurts children" letter to the editor printed July 16th:

Really? Maybe you should re-think that!

Upon which research studies do you base your opinion? After reading your letter I scoured the internet and scholarly and medical journals, but could find no studies confirming your assertion. Actually, had you bothered to do a little research or even googling, you would have found a plethora of supporting evidence and research that is contrary to your opinion.

Then I wondered if you based your judgment upon any personal experience? I personally know three gay/lesbian families in Rochester raising children and I can sincerely say they are some of the most committed and loving parents of some of the happiest and well-adjusted children I’ve ever met.

What’s most important is that our children are honestly loved! There is ample research to support that a loving home will produce a well-adjusted adult more often than a home filled with hostility and hate. Why are people threatened by an alternate parenting model that produces the desired result? Why are people so obsessed on denying homosexual couples the joys of producing a responsible, caring, and loving citizen for the world? Seems to me this world can use as many of those as we can get no matter who raised them!

Julia Gallagher

PS - the original letter I first drafted was much longer and had many more points to it, but then I went online to read that letters to the editor must be 225 words or less! Holy Cow! I know there's a lot more I could have said, but I was trying to make a succinct point...not an easy thing to do!

PPS - I learned today (7/22) that my letter will be published in today's paper!!!


Jon said...

Here's the truth that nobody wants to say. Everyone knows that same-sex relationships have no effect on anyone else's marriage or even on children. People are simply uncomfortable with the actual thought of gay people having sex. That's it. That's all there is to it. They see it as strange and it scares them.

Most straight people don't want to see gay people get married or raise children because that would be the same thing as admitting that being gay is perfectly normal, and that will never happen because it repulses them. Of course they could never say that out loud because it would seem silly, judgemental, and even intrusive. People are too afraid to say, "it gives me the creeps and I'm afraid of it", because they know that illogical argument will never help get laws passed, so they make up statistics and spread scare tactics instead.

Being gay is not about sex; it's about sexual attraction. These are two very different things. A gay person can abstain from sex for their entire lives and they will still be gay. The same goes for a straight person. Likewise a gay person can have a heterosexual marriage complete with sex, and they will still be gay.

Imagine if being gay were the norm and being straight were more rare. Straight people might be pressured to act a certain way, or be in a relationship that will always feel wrong to them. But they will still be straight - always. It can't be changed. If you have any doubts that being gay is a choice, ask yourself these questions: When did you "decide" to be straight? Exactly when did you choose to embrace the "heterosexual lifestyle"?

If you are honest with yourself, you had no choice - none of us are given a choice. Your traits are your unique and individual characteristics handed down to you through thousands of years of human reproduction and evolution, and not a product of your environment.

The next conclusion to draw is that people should not be treated differently under our laws for genetic traits that they were born with. Therfore, the measure of parenthood, or job performance, or citizenship for that matter, should be judged by one's actions and not by one's genes. Anyone with the desire and the ability to be a good parent, will be one.

Perhaps one day we can simply learn to judge people by what they do and not by how they look or who they love. But it won't be soon.

Nonna said...

Jon - you know you're speaking to the choir, right?

Jon said...

Yep, but it feels good to say it anyway. Even if the woman who wrote the letter to the editor will never see it.

Russ said...

WOW! I agree with you Jon. When I looked at that nasty letter today it had 174 comments attached to it. I am so thankful that there are straight people in the world like Julia and Chris that are teaching children the right way of thinking. I truely feel feel it will be that generation that changes the way gay people are looked at and treated in society.
I only hope I am still aroung to see it.