Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Paradise Lost...Stomach Flu Found!

The hard reality of coming home hit us this week. As I have been longing to return to glorious Maui, I was snapped back to reality when at 3am on Monday morning, Kaitlyn came to me and said she was throwing up. Great! Just what I need! Isn't it enough that I am having a hard time with the re-entry into daily life, but now I have to deal with the stomach flu? And who would get it? How bad would it be? How long would it last? These are the things I HATE HATE HATE about Minnesota winters.

They say it happens because we close up our windows and doors and breathe a lot of re-circulated air. If that's the case, can't "they" find a way that we can live in sub-zero temperatures and have the windows wide open? Lets freeze those damn viruses right out of our bodies! I'm on a mission now...there has to be a solution. somewhere. someday...

Of course, my Tasmanian She-Devil (Kelsey) got it too, and then I had a touch of it as well. But none of us had it as badly as Kaitlyn, poor thing!

I guess I have to look on the bright side. I started weight watchers last September and had lost 24 pounds prior to the holidays. Then we went on that wonderful trip to Maui and I gained 3 pounds! I guess I have to thank Mr. Virus, because this morning my scale was back to my pre-Maui weight. Thank you Mr. Virus, but if you don't mind - I'd prefer to lose it the hard way next time!


Angela WD said...

Maui sounds like a great reason to gain 3 pounds. Congratulations on the loss, though! I'm following Weight Watchers, too.

Jon said...

Well, I really blew it over the holidays. Between the trip to MSP and the holdays, I gained back 5 pounds of the 20 I had lost. But I'm happy to say that I'm back on track and I lost them again! (No stomach flu required.) I'm walking almost 6 miles per day now and the pounds are dropping quickly!

I should be back in MSP this April (so I'm told). I'll be ready for another trip to the RG!