Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A friend of mine from FL came visiting last weekend and asked how my hip was doing. He said I hadn't posted to my blog about it in a while. I was floored! My blog??? You read my blog??? I didn't think anyone was reading - hence my scant writtings of late. I know of one friend who reads and posts comments - but was shocked to find others are "secretly" reading it! :)

It warmed my heart...or was it the second martini I was drinking that was warming it? Well even if it was, I will go with it and assume the world is reading! (What an ego, huh?)

So - wish me a happy birthday - ok a belated birthday - it was yesterday! I meant to post a birthday poem to myself yesterday, but got so swept up in all the emotion of turning another year younger that I couldn't bring myself to the computer.

For those of us that have Novemember birthdays...do you find there's a LOT of us??? Seems everytime November pops around I'm learning of more and more people with November birthdays. Maybe it's just a person-centric thing, but seems there's lots of people born in November. But, then i did the math...and you know what is 9 monts prior to my birthday? Valentines Day! I guess my parents were romantics...at least in their youth!

And for more fun about your birthday - check this link out http://www.paulsadowski.org/BirthDay.asp

So - to all my silent friends - I have lots that's been going on, I'll write more this week, especially since I have a few days off coming up soon! Thanks for reading!


ahna said...

Thank goodness. I keep on checking and checking and then I check again. Nothing. And I miss you when you don't write. And, yes, I will continue to comment... ;-)

Happy Birthday, my friend.

I thought today was the 19th all day. I was all excited to come home and check your blog so that I could wish you a happy birthday ON your birthday - I was certain your blog would be the same (Imagine my joy!) - and then I learned that today was in fact not the 19th (imagine my dismay!), but rather it was the 20th.

So, it turns out I've been thinking about you a lot and sending manymanymany good birthday wishes for another year of laughter and mayhem, health and joy. I am tickled that you are (STILL) my friend.
Keep writing and happy birthday!

Jon said...

Of course I read your blog! You don't think I would actually pick up the phone and talk to you, do you? Geez, how old-fashioned! LOL

Happy belated birthday! That would make you a Scorpio, would it not? Figures. What a pain in the butt you Scorpio's are - always running everyone's lives! LOL

It was so nice to see you and I thank you for your hospitality. It was the best meal and best night's sleep I had had in weeks!

You need to get down to Florida so we can go eat something fried up and served in a basket. (Food tastes so much better when it is served in a basket.)


Nonna said...

Ahna! Glad you're still with me...

When are you coming for a visit?????????? We miss you and the house is ready for your whole crew anytime you are!

Nonna said...

Jon - you are one of the funniest people I know! Let me know when you start your own blog, until then...keep posting comments here so I know you're still alive :)